About Us

I was born in Pescara, February 25, 1982, after the middle school. I attended the artistic high school, having always had a passion for art.
I started with “Writing” at the age of 12 and as soon as I finished middle school I immediately enrolled in the art school to cultivate my passion for drawing ...
At the age of 16 I had an accident that forced me into a wheelchair and left me with no movement, but  my  passion  for art was so strong that I immediately started working in my art studio, working with analogue photography, digital technologies and construction of works through the use of innovative materials,.... I have participated in various group exhibitions, such as the architecture biennial in Venice ... While I was working on my artistic creations, I became passionate about a new form of still unknown art in Italy, Toys Art, I started by opening a small shop on eBay, and I was one of the first to spread this art in Italy ... Of course in the meantime I have always been an activist of cannabis for therapeutic and recreational use, using it myself for reasons due to my handycap.
glass blowing art gave birth to my passion for functional glass toys for the recreational use .Over time I realized how important it was for me to spread this art, having ourselves in Italy a great culture regarding blown glass, but still very traditional. the american glassblowing gave birth to craftsmanship and the creation of functional art objects that made me addicted to this art form.
Thus in 2017 the Weedgadget project was born, a gallery and online store of functional glass art and accessories for the use of the plant that has unique principles and qualities that fascinates a large slice of the world population.